We had a good game against Cold Ash on their plastic strip yesterday. The weather was variable throughout the afternoon, but didn’t really interrupt the cricket.

Cold Ash set us a target of 174 to win after some good bowling especially:
Peachy 7-1-17-1
Muppet 6-0-23-2
Lurch 4-0-19-2

The outfield was short and the batting strip was favourable to the batsmen, however our opening wickets fell quickly, with Tweeky being run out after being unable to stop at the crease and turn around quickly to get back to the other end (think supertanker).

Stout spent a while thrashing about but the bowlers proved too good for him and eventually made him hit the ball skywards to be caught on a solitary “1”.

Carl looked like he meant business as he strode out to the wicket, only to walk back to the pavillion after striking the first ball hard back into the bowler’s hands. (Unlucky Carlos!)

Peachy, after asking to be pushed up the order a bit, batted superbly, getting 32, probably scoring more runs than he did in the last two years put together. Graham and Peachy were saving the game and had a great partnership together. Until Peachy was run out (after a contraversial decision by me, although I still maintain that I was right). Graham and Grant batted on bravely in the remaining overs to raise the total to 157. Graham got an excellent 52 but managed to split his antique bat. We’re all hoping that it is repairable as Graham didn’t really look right with a new shiny bit of wood in his hands.

A good team effort, but unfortunately, not good enough to beat Cold Ash.

Man of the Match – Graham for his superb 50
Pig’s Ear – Carl for diving over the ball and making the ground shake.