E&W Hendred – Victory

At last we've had our first victory of the season. We played East & West Hendred yesterday and were warned at the start that they didn't have a very strong team. However, this should not detract from the fact that we fielded and bowled well. Hendred batted first and lost their first wicket in the second over to Andrew "Biggles" Barrett. Then they dug in for a bit and defended until the eighth over when Biggles struck again. Both of the openers were bowled for 15 runs, none of which had come from…continue reading →

Cold Ash – Defeat

Yesterdays game eventually started at about 3.15pm after both teams waited for the opposition to turn up at their home grounds. Eventually, after a couple of phone calls I managed to persuade Cold Ash to come to our ground and play. With the threat of bad weather on the way, and the late start, we tried to get as much cricket in as possible by playing a 20 over game but having 8 ball overs so as to have less of a delay in play. Cold Ash won the toss and decided to…continue reading →