Dorchester – Home – OCA League (Updated)

And so to D-Day, Do or Die. Do Dorchester or Die a Death. Basically, we needed to win to guarantee promotion, or, as the mathematically gifted among us had worked out, score 5 bonus points and then get the match cancelled for rain. That didn't look like it was going to be a problem though, as the weather was fine for the whole of Saturday, so we knew what we had to do. We'd beaten Dorchester earlier this season, bowling them out for under 100, but struggling to their total for 5 wickets,…continue reading →

Nessa Tries To Escape Fleshy Man Parts

Nessa the sheep, Wantage's new trophy girl was spotted in The King Alfred's Head recently whilst being taken out on a date by Moobs, the man of the match from the Freeland game.  However, the date can't have been going well as she was spotted trying to get out of the window and was being dragged back by the evil James's fleshy man parts.continue reading →

Shrivenham II – Home – OCA League

A bright day dawned upon Wantage, so for a change we didn't expect our game to be affected in any way by adverse weather. This probably pleased both teams, as we were both looking to win in order to try and secure promotion. Shrivenham had a long shot, given that it was their last game, but they had been reasonably consistent so we knew we'd have to play well to beat them. Despite another late umpiring arrival, we got started at 1.30, bowling as usual (I've no idea if Colin won the toss…continue reading →