Westcott (A) – OCA Div 3

Westcott were an unknown quantity to us, having dropped out of Division Two the previous year, and therefore finished fully 15 places above us in the 'ladder' in 2012. The verdict from Cairns Fudge whom a couple of our players had seen over the week suggested the Westcott team had some hard hitting batsmen who could be very dangerous. This ultimately proved to be an accurate report as we were to discover. First things first though, after negotiating the lengthy journey to Buckinghamshire (despite playing in an Oxfordshire league game - something NiB…continue reading →

Witney Swifts (H) – OCA Div 3

The first home league game of the season, a time of great excitement, the weather looked fair, the ground looked excellent and we had 11 players fit and ready. Time for the hard work to start. Before I talk about the game, I want to mention the ground and the hard work that has been put in to get it looking so good this early in the season. The square is looking as good as ever and the same can be said about the outfield. Thanks to Nordic for cutting and rolling the…continue reading →

Cairns Fudge (A) – OCA Div 3

The weather looked to be the main talking point of the day for our match against our old rivals Cairns Fudge, and so it proved throughout. We trundled up to Stanton St John more in hope than expectation, to discover the Fudge boys preparing a new wicket as the one provided for Saturday's game looked distinctly sub-par. The roller was out, and the white paint was plastered onto the Sunday wicket as we got an alternative pitch ready for whatever game we could manage. There was some talk about reducing the game to…continue reading →

Radley (A) – OCA Div 3

With the surprise news over the winter that we had been promoted to division 3, our first league game of the new season took us to Radley College to face, you guessed it, Radley. After a quick diversion to the second team pitch we found our way to the pitch we were meant to be on, not a problem we’ve faced often, but when a club has 6 pitches to choose from like Radley do I suppose it can come up. Our new skipper, IC, got off to the perfect start by winning…continue reading →