The safety and well-being of all members, particularly children, is of paramount importance to the club.

The responsibility for delivering and collecting children to and from matches or training lies solely with the parents/carers. The club will notify parents/carers that they are responsible for ensuring their child’s safe transportation.

At the start of each season, the club will distribute information on all planned away fixtures or competitions to provide parents/carers with an opportunity to make appropriate transportation arrangements. The club will require permission from parents/carers for children to participate in all competitions and away fixtures/events.

Coaches and club staff will be responsible for children in their care when on the club premises or on arrival at opponents’ cricket grounds. However, they are not responsible for arranging or transporting children to and from the club or match.

The club will establish a “pick up and drop off” agreement with parents/carers. This agreement will address matters such as late collection of children, this will be discussed and agreed upon at the start of the season.

The club officials will use the established policy as a guide should any incidents arise during the season. Any issues that cannot be resolved with the policy will be brought to the attention of the club committee.