WAGCC 1st XI v Horspath 4s – Cherwell 5C WL – 11th May 2024

Welcome to the 2024 league season, and the 1s starting home fixture against Horspath 4s… New season, new captain, same toss result, Chitty losing his first official toss and we were put in to bat. Which I believe is what he was going to do anyway, it’s certainly what he should have been doing. Opening up was Colin, and the newly promoted to opener, Winston. A generally watchful start, Colin getting a couple of boundaries away off his pads, before Winston took a liking to the first change bowler. Unfortunately however, that liking…continue reading →

WAGCC 1st XI v Dorchester – Friendly – 4th May 2024

In cricket's realm at Dorchester's green expanse,Wantage & Grove CC, with willow raised on high,Their batsmen took the stage, a daring dance,Their strokes, like thunder, echoed 'neath the sky. By ten-point-four, their scorecard brightly glowed,Fifty runs adorned, a feat of skillful might,Winston Wiggins, with his blade, a prowess showed,His bat a gleaming sword in midday light. With Chitty's guile and Spencer's steadfast stand,Their partnership, a fortress, tall and strong,Against Dorchester's bowlers' ardent hand,They battled on, their victory a song. Then, amidst the fray, a moment most odd,Mabbs walked out to bat, in a…continue reading →