In cricket’s realm at Dorchester’s green expanse,
Wantage & Grove CC, with willow raised on high,
Their batsmen took the stage, a daring dance,
Their strokes, like thunder, echoed ‘neath the sky.

By ten-point-four, their scorecard brightly glowed,
Fifty runs adorned, a feat of skillful might,
Winston Wiggins, with his blade, a prowess showed,
His bat a gleaming sword in midday light.

With Chitty’s guile and Spencer’s steadfast stand,
Their partnership, a fortress, tall and strong,
Against Dorchester’s bowlers’ ardent hand,
They battled on, their victory a song.

Then, amidst the fray, a moment most odd,
Mabbs walked out to bat, in a curious nod,
When Summs was still in, it seemed quite broad,
His courage earned him the jesting nod.

And finally, to Summs, for his stroke so neat,
A reverse sweep, a shot so sweet,
Earned him the Vibes, the Champagne treat,
His elegance in cricket’s tapestry complete.

But not to be overshadowed by the batsmen’s tale,
Wantage & Grove’s bowlers, a force to reckon,
Mullins and his companions, with deliveries that assail,
Their artistry left Dorchester’s hopes all broken.

Amidst this cricketing saga, heroes arise,
Bhavik, on debut, claimed three wickets wise,
Earned the title, MOM, for his prize,
His stellar performance left opponents in surprise.

In ninety-four runs, their tale was told,
As Wantage & Grove emerged victorious and bold,
Their cricketing might, a story to behold,
In victory’s embrace, their spirits hold.

Written in the style of Sir Alfred Noyes’ ‘The Highwayman’