Fringford (A) OCA Div 4

We travelled away, negotiating some stodgy A34 traffic, ready for what we hoped would be a high-octane clash with one of our rivals for second place. Colin lost the toss an we were asked to field, to begin with one man short as Steve Yates had yet to arrive. Progress for Fringford was steady at 3 an over but there was lots of encouragement for our bowlers as they went past the edge a lot, and indeed Will dropped a catch at gully off Duncan which he would have taken another day. Ryan…continue reading →

Deddington (A) – OCA Div 4

A nice opportunity to make amends after last weeks efforts in the semi-final-that-never-happened, we took the long trip to Deddington in confidence that for a change the weather would be good enough to play. The strip was pretty damp after a Friday shower, and there was obviously plenty to discuss for Colin and the Deddington captain with the umpires as they stood in the middle for a long time before actually doing the toss. If Tim had been there, he would have been sledging like one of Santa's elves. It made no difference…continue reading →

Witney Swifts (H) Telegraph Cup Quarter Final

Another attempt at going past the quarter final of a cup competition presented itself, and this time, being more clued up on the rules we made sure any ‘ringers’ were known to the league, so we wouldn’t be kicked out. The day started well when Ian and Colin went to move the sight-screen for the batsman’s benefit and succeeded in rolling over Tim’s helmet, crushing it into a shape not recognisable as a helmet. This amusement must have inspired Duncan and Grant, though, who both bowled probably their best spells of the season…continue reading →

Deddington (H) OCA Div 4

The day started well, with promising sunshine and happy Wantage players, the only sour note being Ian mistakenly giving Tim's brother the finger, believing it was TPL himself. That aside spirits were good as Colin again lost the toss and we were sent out to field first. Mabbs had unfortunately forgotten the correct pair of pants, and was forced to wear some genuine budgie smugglers which by all accounts cut most of the blood supply to his nether regions and made him exceedingly uncomfortable. However no such problems were facing Grant and Duncan…continue reading →