The day started with great promise, as it transpired that Uffington had only 8 players. Fortunately, because Wantage is such an amazing club, they were able to loan them a few ringers. And ringers they were, as Barry, Timmy Lane and Ian joined Mongo as honorary Uffington players for the day. This allowed for plenty of nice and personal sledging throughout the day. Not to mention some bruised pride. Barry opened the batting and scored quickly throughout his long innings, although he was dropped twice, once a tough chance at slip by PicNic, the other a not-so-tough one at point by Richard after he and Ben had stared at each other wondering who would take the catch.

Wickets fell steadily at the other end though, Wantage ploughing through a succession of genuine Uffington batsmen, although not without conceding some runs. Mongo eventually joined Barry at the crease. Barry had already done his bit for the Uffington cause by smacking a short ball straight into Nordic’s shin bones. Nordic had a nice “egg leg” but at least it gave Ian the opportunity to do some bonus fielding in the scorching sun. Barry eventually brought up his 100 to lots of embarrassed looks from the Wantage team. On the plus side, he now apparently has to propose to his girlfriend, so we eagerly await seeing how that turns out. He was eventually out, which gave Tim Lane and Ian the chance to bat for the last over.. Tim declined this chance, kicking a ball onto his stumps first ball, and Ian then watched in agony as the last 5 balls of the innings were left by the other batsmen, as no runs were added to what was admittedly an already formidable total. Stewie and Chief bowled well, Mabbs took 3 wickets and Ben took some mega tap although got some revenge with a good quicker ball.

Teas were a strange affair, with jam and honey sandwiches and sweaty individuals.

The Wantage innings began with Ben and Oatibix playing some strong shots, scoring quickly, but not quick enough to chase the mammoth 230-odd. Timmy Lane opened the bowling and did well. The first wicket partnership put on a good 70 before Ben was out, posting a decent 40 (ish) which was at least better than Saturday. Ollie eventually saw himself to 50 before being out Caught & Bowled to Barry. Runs were then at a premium as good bowling prevented too many runs being scored, and wickets fell steadily, including two to an amazing leg spin bowler who shall remain nameless but might normally play for Wantage. The stage was set for some last ball heroics from Grant “G-Force G-Man G-String” Summersbee, who provided everyone with some hilarity after getting LBW. He greeted the decision by launching his bat half way to the boundary.

After-cricket entertainment included Mabbs and Grant having a tender moment and over £100 worth of pizza at PicNic’s house. The loaned players also had to be returned to their rightful club after a 100% winning record.

Man of the Match: OT for his 50.
Pig’s Ear: Ben got hit in the balls.  Grant launched his bat.  They were both hilarious, but Ben won Pig’s Ear.
Champagne Moment: PicNic’s awesome pluck out of the air with one hand to dismiss an Uffington batsman.