Thanks all for the other evening, I hope everyone had a good time and that we’re all raring to go for another year. As you’ve all no doubt heard we were unceremoniously promoted to OCA Division 3 for next year so there’s lots to be excited about.

But in the spirit of 2012, below are the award winners for the season:



Batting Award – Barry Martin

Bowling Award – Grant Summersbee

Pig’s Ear – A shared award with lots of people with 1 nomination. Chief kept the award for himself!

Champagne Moment – Grant Summersbee

Duck Award – None awarded (too many people with one!)

Most Motm Awards: Chief (for his teas!) For this he received not the usual Cricket Medal but a Plastic Chili mounted on a piece of wood – lucky him!



Batting Award – Barry Martin

Bowling Award – Ian Challand

Pig’s Ear – Nick Wilkins

Champagne Moment –

Duck Award – Grant Summersbee

Most Motm Awards – Colin Mercer



Batting Award – Barry Martin/Colin Mercer (shared)

Bowling Award – Barry Martin

Pig’s Ear – Duncan Wooloff

Champagne Moment –

Duck Award – Ian Challand

Most Motm Awards – Barry Martin


Captain’s Award

Nick Wilkins


So Barry cleared up a bit this year! Looks like everyone is going to have to buck their ideas up next season.


Hoping to have pictures of the event up soon!