Sorry about there not being a match report for the Crowmarsh game, but they didn’t fill our book in, even though we did theirs. They said that they’d email the figures through to me, but I still haven’t received them. I do remember that we lost heavily, by ten wickets! Anyway… enough about that game…

Last weekend, Swindon Nalgo didn’t have enough players to give us a game so it was cancelled. Fortunately, Mongo called me on Sunday morning to say that Uffington had also been let down, and would we fancy a game at Uffington. As the weather was wonderful I agreed. Mongo suggested a couple of Twenty-20 games as it wasn’t a proper fixture, so that’s how we started.

I lost the toss (again) and we fielded first with only ten men. James Mabbett (4-0-15-1) bowled their number one four balls into his first over. Peachy (4-0-1-28) too, got their number three second ball. This was a good start and our fielding and bowling remained tight throughout the innings. Remember that this was a “slogging” game, not your normal Sunday fixture.

Mongo (4-0-23-4) got man of the match for his excellent bowling figures, although they weren’t as efficient as Duncan “Longdog” Wooloff’s 4-1-6-1, not hanging around, taking a wicket first ball. Muppet got 4-0-10-1. Ian “Elbows” Rollinson took a confident catch at long on from Mongo’s bowling and Longdog took a catch from Muppet.

Stewie “Angel” Bulpitt kept wicket well considering he doesn’t normally do it, only giving away 7 byes.

After 20 overs, Uffington were 84 for 8. Our turn next.

Chief Wigham and Elbows opened the batting. Chief only got 3 before being bowled. I took the crease and started to swing the bat wildly, missing most balls completly. The plank that I’d taken with me was far too heavy (well that’s my excuse). However, even though I was playing and missing, I still clocked up 38 not out with Elbows batting superby at the other end… playing real shots. Elbows was eventually dismissed LBW by a ball that was nowhere near the stumps, purely because I’d mentioned to Jim, who was upmiring, that Peachy was in next. Jim was curious to see Peachy’s batting and triggered Elbows on 25, laughing that “it wasn’t out really”. With only a couple more runs required, Peachy came in and got the remainder, ending up on 2, not out. We got their total in 15.4 overs

It was good fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

After tea we played a 10 over game where everyone had to bowl. I can’t be bothered to write about that one too but suffice to say we won that too.

So, Man of the match was Mongo, Champagne moment was Elbow’s catch. Nobody got Pig’s ear.