We came in to play the second game of the Wednesday season with high hopes, having never had lost a game, and also having completely annihilated Metal Box in the game two weeks prior.

As the home team we were set the mighty task of bowling against The Lion’s Club. Bully opened with a respectable over from the field end, letting only 10 runs go, but unfortunately breaking the usual first over wicket success he has previously had! Poor Stew!! However, the elder zimbo of the side, Barry, steamed in for his first from the road end, and bowled their number 2 bat for a measly 3 runs! It seemed that things may go our way on this fine day of cricket. Although, as we were soon to learn, it didn’t. Shortly after this he was sent for a huge 6 straight over his head! Both Bully and Circus finished their spells without any more wickets and a few expensive overs, much to Moob’s very evident frustration!

So he decided time for change, and that came in the form of Chaz, our right arm, slow run-up rapid! Luck wasn’t on his side this day, and he went for 19 runs in his first. This is when we began to realise that these guys are actually decent! Moob’s then decided to let out some of the anger at the batters, and came steaming in from the field end with flames in his spikes. His rapido-ness soon took charge in the form of the wicket, knocking their leg bail clean off the stump, sending off one of their second highest scorer (possibly, as they seemed to stop scoring for their batsmen at this point!!). Chaz came back for his second, and took their (possibly) highest scorer out, getting him to lob it up to Circus, who took it comfortably at mid-off. Moob’s and Chaz finished off their spells without anymore wickets to report.

Next, James set Dunc and myself to the task of bowling at these most formidable opponents. Dunc got his first in without any major drama. Moobs finished his last on the other end, also without drama. Dunc came back with a vengeance though, bowling one out with a slow, straight, half-volley to take out another of their top order bats. Now I was set the heavy burden of keeping runs down and trying to knock off their last. Bowling from the field end, I somehow managed to contain the beasts to 6 runs, all the while carefully planning on which fielder I’d get the catch hit to. I chose James, and on the last ball of my first over, the ball (as planned) went straight up to deep mid-off for a high-class catch which James took! Pippy took command of the road end, without any success in the 14th over, which left me to take the last over. This was done with huge zest and pride, as well as pure determination for Wantage CC. Second ball in went straight to Dunc, who mercifully (I owe you a pint) underarm flicked it to me for a beautiful run-out! A few balls later, a carefully conceived full toss at the batters pads saw the ball go up in the air to Circus for a catch at a deep-forward square-leg kind of position. This was the last wicket to be taken by Wantage.

Bowling figures are:

Bullpit- 3-0-23-0
B. Martin- 2-0-18-1
Boshell- 2-0-31-1
Mabbett- 3-0-22-1
Wooloff- 2-0-16-1
C. Yates- 2-0-7-3
R. Martin- 1-0-14-0

Thus we were set to attempt to chase down 139 for a win. Pod and Nick went out to face first. Pod succumbed to their attack in the second over, getting bowled for 6 to bring a VERY VERY VERY enthusiastic Bully out to bat. He stuck in there for a bit, until he saw Nick on the floor after trying to save his wicket and thought it he should make him get up by calling for another run! This resulted in Bully having to go, run out for 8. Circus was out to bat next, and made 5 before sending it straight back to the bowler to be caught for 5. Pippy replaced him as Nick’s support. They stuck around together for a bit in an attempt to build a partnership, but this was put to an end upon Nick’s dismissal, bowled for 31 ( highest scorer, earning him Man of the Match). Duncan came out next, and put on a brave fight with Pippy before being caught out for 17. Chaz was in, and shortly after a good looking flick down past square-leg to the weird looking guy with the jersey tied around his next which allowed him a single, he was unfortunately bowled, playing on after only 1 run. Captain Moob’s came out next with high hopes of bringing the team back, only to be dismissed softly after playing a shot too early and sending it straight up in the air to be caught, which sent him on his was for 3 and added greatly to his already evident anger. The bottom order fell quickly after that, with Rich being bowled for 1, Chief bowled for a golden, and myself for a duck after defending a few before sending a full toss straight down the throat of deep mid-on in an attempt to prove my worthiness of a number 11 batter. This ended the game after making only 94 runs, and Pippy being not out for 19.

Top 4 batsmen:

Nick- 31
Pippy- 19 (not out)
Duncan- 17
Bully- 8.

Pig’s Ear went to Stewart for his, frankly, hilarious run-out, when he asked Nick for another run despite him being sprawled out on the floor at the other end of the wicket.
Champagne Moment went to Ryan for his massive 6 that cleared the clubhouse completely!
Nick got man of the match for his valiant 31.

Report courtesy of Chris Yates