I was very excited about this first game of the season, not least because it was my first game as captain. Thankfully it was an away game, made even better by the fact it was at home.
As the away team we batted first.

POD and Pippy went out to face off the new bowlers. The first few overs went well, with the run rate going to 10 straight away. Both POD and Pippy were seeing it well when Pippy was out to a freak run out where Pod played down the ground and the bowler got a lucky touch.

Barry was next in but didn’t last long only making 1 and was out with an excellent caught and bowled. Just when we thought we had got rid of all the Africans, Nick Came in to bat and with pod obliterated all opposition until being caught at mid on for 76 . This then brought me out to bat. Having had a good bat on Sunday i was feeling confident, so after i had got off the mark with a 2 the next ball I faced was elegantly swiped to cow for six.

POD carried his bat making an all time high for Wednesday cricket 82. Ryan made11 Barry made1 Nick made 76 and finally I closed the game with an unbeaten 15.
Posting a grand total of 205.

We then set about to destroy the weak batting line up. Bully and Chaz opening the bowling removing the top order batsmen with a fine display. However Metal box were so slow in coming out it had got dark so i was forced to bring on the slow bowlers.

Chris Yates bowled well for his first game of the season, and chief was unlucky not to get 3 wickets (or so he complains). POD and i finished the tail. Bowling them all out for 95.
Bowling figures are as follows…

S. Bullpit- 2-1-2-2
C.Boshell -3-0-9-2
C.Yates -3-0-26-2
O.Haines -3-0-37-0
J.Mabbett -2.1-0-10-3
C.Mercer -1-0-1-1

An all round good performance.

Pig’s ear: Chief for a stupid appeal.
Man of the match: POD for a great batting display and getting better figures than bully in the bowling.
Champaign moment: goes to Nick and POD for breaking the score book, with too many runs, they had to write on more in the right hand column.