12.30 at the club please, or you will be fined..!!

1)Duncan Wooloff
2)Ben Putt
3)David Summersbee
4)Ryan Martin
5)Steve Bramley
6)Olly Taylor
7)Ian Challand
8)Grant Summersbee
9)Sam C
10)Toby Gallington
11)Steve Yates

This week we are facing 6th in the league, a local derby infact. I personally havent played these guys yet this year, so cant comment on them,  but lets do what we did last week against West Isley II, a good strong performance and a very easy win to be honest. The bowling and the fielding was fantastic last week as per the rest of the season, however i think you would agree the batting was the best part of last saturday. Good luck team. Yeh Cricket..!!