12.00pm at the club please, or you will be fined..!! Remember its a 1.30 Start..!!

Special guest(s) this week, the return of the skinnier, hair cut, meaner, harding hitting, faster bowling… James”smasher”Mabbett. Oh.. and who can forgot one of the orginal Zimmers.. Nick”hit another 6″ Burton..!!

1)Duncan Wooloff
2)David Henson
3)Nick Burton
4)Ryan Martin
5)James Mabbett
6)Grant Summersbee
7)Steve Bramley
8)Chaz Boshell
9)Colin Mercer
10)Steve Yates
11)Toby Gallington

This week we are facing 6th, we had a very convincing win against them at home. They have however picked up a few results lately, but we have more than enough to do the job and get us up to Division 6. The batting has been very good over the last 4/5 matches, lets keep that going if we are required too. Likewise the bowling has been of a very good standard. This is it folks, one game away from getting up a league and part of the plan to make Wantage play a higher standard of cricket, where it belongs.

Whatever happens its been a good first year, and we can now build on this. BIG thanks to all the support aswell this year.. YEH MEXICANS.

And the Ground staff, a lot of effort goes into making our pitch such an enjoyable place to play cricket, thank you very much.

For the last time, thanks all, its gonna be a sunny saturday, for RYAN we have a nice strong team again..!!

Cheers all, CAPTAIN (last game) Duncan.