As a club, we are about to take the field in battle against one of the toughest oppositions out there… the local council and housing developers.

In a recent planning meeting it was announced that property developers would like to build houses on our lovely ground, and move us to a new location.

Now as a club, this is not something which we are entirely against, however there are some very important considerations to take into account. The most important of which is the new location itself, is it big enough? Is the ground flat? Is the soil right? Then the price must be considered, realistically we are talking about a cost of well over half a mil to move the ground. Remembering that the new ground will need: a new pavilion built; a wicket to be laid; nets to be laid; outfield to be prepared; equipment shed to be built; and then the cost of transporting all the current equipment to the new site. What affect will the new location have on the current members, both playing and as importantly non-playing?

There are currently so many questions, which we have not been given answers to. Until we get these answers we are not in a position to make a decision on what is the best move for the club now and going forward.

My personal opinion is that the ground should stay as it is, it has taken many years to build up a pitch which is second to non in the league for playing quality and the reputation it holds with other teams.

More information can be found on the Council’s website here:

I implore you all to have a look, and send your thoughts on the development to the council using this form over the next couple of days: