This is a message to the players (and anyone who is interested), every season the story is the same: An INSANE amount of effort is put into the ground by a special few people, they are the people who make sure the pitch is prepared, the outfield is short and a strip marked etc.

Yesterday I took my first ride on the tractor to cut the outfield, the small child in me loved it, as did the adult. What better way to spend a sunny spring afternoon? What more, it is very straight forward and has saved someone else the time of doing it.

We are extremely lucky to have such skilled groundsmen as Mike H and John P to prepare the wickets for us, and that’s what they should be spending their time doing, preparing the wickets, not wasting their time on jobs the untrained can do.

Anyone who wants to help out please make yourself known, we already have a couple of volunteers but I’m sure there is plenty of work to go around!