The first game of the season, and what a lovely day we had for it! Grey, bleak, threatening and an almost certain forecast for rain, ideal.

I’m going to keep this season’s match reports a lot shorter than those of last year, there is no need to write 1000 words, hopefully this will encourage more people to get involved with writing them.

First toss, a good one to win, so I did. Well, he called wrong, that still counts as me winning in my book! Decision made to bowl first, the best way for us to try and force a result in these conditions is to bowl them out quick time and knock them off. Unfortunately it didn’t happen exactly like that…

Duncs and Grant opened the bowling, both bowling tightly, seems like a shame to consider getting wickets after the run of 4 or 5 consecutive maidens. Baz, Olly, Ryan and Steve Yates filled in the rest of the overs. Happenings of note are Barry’s 5 wickets, Ryan’s calm catch at cow corner, 2 late important wickets for Yates, and a run out on the last ball which gave us the 10th wicket and the full bowling points.

As ever, good teas, good work Challand.

Batting, it hasn’t started raining yet which is almost impossible. Ryan and I went out to open, and the rain started about 2 balls in. Good signs. Ryan was dismissed early trying to cut one which popped, little edge to 1st slip. From there the rain had started to get a little silly, so we decided that we might as well have a little go, and try and sneak up to the first batting point of 70. We got close, hitting 60 off the first 7 overs before the umpires decided enough was enough. We didn’t get to come back out and the game was called off. Leaving Barry on 21 Not Out and me on 32 Not Out.

The only game which got a result this week was Garsington II’s, who because of this get an early advantage in the league.

A side note, how awesome did we all look walking out in the new kit? All 11 players had a shirt on, very proud, tears to the eyes moment!