It was time for another year where Wantage cricket club and Crowmarsh lock horns in battle for the Derek Shorter cup. Crowmarsh players were early, chilling on the grass soaking up the atmosphere. However, they were a little short on players so two of our players; Simon Martin (who they wrote in the score book as S.Simon), and the legendry marvel known as Picnic, stepped in to make it 11 a side. Cheers guys, just shows what kind of club we are and growing into. Mr Etham won the toss for Crowmarsh and put Wantage into bat.

Pod and Mr Lonnan came on to open the batting and both got off to a solid start. Crowther and Fanstone opened the bowling. For the first 7 overs the run rate was a steady 4.5 an over, and both gentlemen were playing well. After Richie smashing a wonderful cover drive for four, the next ball he forgot where his off stump was a left one and was bowled. This brought Moobs to the crease and batted very sensibly, pushing the ball about with Pod. This did bring the rate down, when Pod got bowled by Strange trying to hit a ball that should have gone to the boundary. 68 for 3 came about when Jimmy hit a full toss to point where Picnic was, he took a good catch. Moobs got bowled a run later by Strange after playing some nice shots.

A sickle of wickets came as Nordic was caught for a duck and won the opportunity for picking up the boundary markers after the game. Coach whose only objective to not to have a diamond pair for the weekend and smashed a six for his first scoring shot. Then tried to repeat the same scoring shot but was caught on the boundary. Oatibix was also bowled by Strange to give him his 5for.

This left Wantage at a dangerous score of a 100 for 7, which left the tail needed to wag. In truly Mongo fashion he played some aggressive shots, hitting the ball hard to the boundary. The last three wickets got Wantage up to a score of a 153 all out. Mongo top scored with 27 (three 4s and a 6). Somerset was bowled. Leaving Ren being the final wicket who was stumped whilst practising a shot out of his crease, which left Stewie looking less than impressed at the other end.

C.Mercer Bowled Strange 11
R.Lonnon Bowled Crowther 14
J.Mabbett Bowled Strange 26
J.Wallbridge Caught (Picnic) Strange 8
S.Bramley Caught White 0
B.Martin Caught Strange 6
O.Taylor Bowled Strange 7
M.Tugwell Caught Fanstone 27
D.Summersbee Bowled Crowther 12
S.Bulpitt Not out 16
R.Pretorius Stumped (while practicing a shot) McGuiness 5

Extras 19
Total 151

Crowther 8 0 28 2
Fanstone 8 1 31 1
Strange 8 3 19 5
Eltham 5 0 28 0
White 5 0 34 1
McGuiness 0.1 0 0 1

After a lovely tea by Libby with some amazing cakes thanks, Wantage got the field to defend an under par score of 151. This is leaving Crowmarsh only needing a run rate of 3.78. Stewie opened the bowling, the fifth ball of the over was probably one of the strangest and bazaar events thats ever happened. Stewie bowled a horrible low full toss, Eltham straight drove the ball which would have gone to the boundary. However, the ball was moving at some pace and hit his opening partner’s bat, which gave Stewie an easy catch. There was some debate over if this was out of not, this brought Grant “google” Summersbee in which checked the rule book and confirmed that this was out. This let the continuous banter towards Google Grant that everything should be checked using this particular technology.

Tight bowling reduced Crowmarsh to a run an over, this did lead to Ren breaking inroads by bowling Strange and Keeble. This led to Crowmarsh being something for 3, (would know if they continued to fill our scorebook out!). Stewie and Ren bowled out which led to Coach and Oatibix continuing to lift the run rate. Simon Martin came in for Crowmarsh at five and played an awesome shot for four off Coach’s bowling before being the first of three crazy run outs.

Oatabix bowled exceptionally well and took the wickets of Crowmarsh’s batsman 6 and 7. First was caught, as Roy hit straight up in the air and Jimmy (with the keepers gloves on) kindly shouted “mongos!!!” who was standing six foot away from him. The second wicket of Oatabix was bowling Crowther. However, he wasn’t too happy due to Jimmy and Ren talking behind the stumps expressing to each other what a beautiful day it was. Let’s be honest the batsman should have walked away. Another note was the verbal school girl antics and Jimmy and Moobs behind the stumps for this during of the first change bowlers, thankfully Nordic separated them.

Crowmarsh vs Wantage would never be the same without a little fiction between one another. This came from Coach being unimpressed by the umpire signalling a six or a four, even though Pod indicated it was a four. This did become a more little affair and a bit of friendly banter from the rest of the duration of the game.

With tight bowling and fielding, Crowmarch’s run rate had become a run a ball. Somerset and Mongo came on to bowl. Somerset bowled well and was let down by drops by Ren and Stewie (sorry Dave) from giving him a well-deserved wicket. Mongo munched up two wickets, both bowled, one being Picnic. Leaving a wicket to get, there number 11 and McGuiness still there from opening the batting. McGuiness playing well however, conservatively through his innings didn’t have much faith in his partner only wanted to keep the strike and they went for a second run which was there and Moobs threw the ball in for Jimmy to take the bails.

Eltham Caught and Bowled Bulpitt 0
McGuiness Not out 68
Strange Bowled Pretorius 2
D.Keeble Bowled Pretorius 9
S.Martin Run out (C.Mercer) 4
Ray Caught (Tugwell) Taylor 14
Crowther Bowled Taylor 6
Wayne Run out (B.Martin) 1
Fanstone Bowled Tugwell 1
Picnic Bowled Tugwell 0
Keeble Run out (J.Mabbett) 0

Extras 5
Total 110

S.Bulpitt 8 4 9 1
R.Pretorius 8 1 23 2
B.Martin 6 0 39 0
O.Taylor 7 3 10 2
D.Summersbee 3 0 12 0
M.Tugwell 2 0 13 2

Man of the Match: C.Strange got the overall MOTM for taking 5 wickets. Stewie was voted Wantage MOTM, however not considered for the overall MOTM. Mongo was for topscoring, taking two wickets and a catch. So really should be Mongo who did.

Champaign moment: Was Stewie stop on the boundary. I am still telling random people in the street how good it was!! Really it was ask me about it!

Pig ear: After the normal antics in the showers, Jimmy thought he was about to use deodorant which turned out to be shaving foam! He even told everyone he bought it earlier thinking it was deodorant! This led to Mongo nearly falling off the bench in laughter.

Overall result was Wantage beat Crowmarsh by 41 runs. This is the first time in the cups history that Wantage has retained the Derek Shorter Memorial Cup.