Openers for Wantage and Grove, form on display,
Mercer and Lane, a partnership’s ballet.
But Lane fell, caught, unable to go far,
Rehman’s bowling dismissing him back to the bar.

Wiggins arrived, smashing his first ball off the tee
But a barn-bound shot was Rehman’s glee
Jonny at four, his languid form and conviction
Bhardwaj’s catch confirmed Spenny’s unwanted prediction.

A solid start wasted, and hopes teetering too
Mercer cruising towards fifty, out LBW.
Bhu partnered with Binners, one young and one old,
The elder, he fell, out caught and bowled

96-5, a partnership was now the needed,
So Summersbee and Binners steadily proceeded.
Binners caught for 21, his acceleration ceased,
Anand’s wristy batting, some pressure released

Summersbee called loudly, runs flowing free,
Caught at 30, Ayyaz ended Dave’s spree.
Skipper Will Bury, positive from the start,
Adding runs with Anand, playing his part.

Anand was caught for 29, his efforts not in vain,
Harvey’s golden duck, LBW brought him some pain.
Tweaky joined Skipper, their bond on display,
Together they pushed the score all the way
To 187 runs off 46.4, a total to defend,
Will Bury unbeaten, a captain to commend

Chasing 188, Risinghurst started strong,
Boundaries off bad and good, they were on song.
Mehrotra fell, caught in slips by Tweaky’s might,
His stomach helping out, a memorable sight.

Tweaky’s finger broken, the squeamish couldn’t look
Off to the hospital, and a medical book.
Stewie filled the void, his BBQ plans undone,
As Nambiar and Thiruchelvam batted on.

Nambiar out for 19, Bhu’s catch with delight,
Mughal fell LBW, Harvey bowling with might.
Thiruchelvam’s fierce 27, balls struck with flair,
Will Bury’s crucial wicket, victory in the air?

Mercer’s great catch sent George back for just two,
R1s at 80-5, feeling the pressure, as you do
Harvey’s overs concluded, not matching Rehman’s spell,
But Ayyaz and Bhardwaj then batted very well

120-5, only 68 needed to win,
Wiggins’ bowling expensive, but, wherein
Mercer’s brilliant catch, Bhardwaj departed, bad luck,
Wiggins bowled Somasundaram, out for a duck

Anand joined the show, economy his grace,
Bowling the “unknown”, removing another face.
Ayyaz and Imran, steady progress ensued,
Wiggins’ no balls, their hopes renewed.

Only 22 needed, Imran’s hopes were shattered,
Harvey’s delivery bowled him for 6, dreams scattered.
Ayyaz grew cautious, wickets falling in despair,
Will Bury’s LBW dismissed Rehman, victory declared.

Meanwhile, up the road, in hospital care
Waited Tweaky and Chief our spinning pair
The radiographer, skilled and astute,
Captured the image, precise and acute.
Dislocation, no break said the Xray expert
Either way, I bet, it bloody well hurt

~Will H

MOTM – Will H’s 5fer
Champagne – Bhu’s catch
Pigs – Will B’s misfield and swimming