Right… me again! Flippin ek, someone else needs to start doing something because as I sit in bed (21:28 Friday Night) with my son screaming at me (3rd week straight!) I am not sure I have a huge amount to say…

Well, we bowled first on a fairly good track considering the rain we had for the past 2 days, and more showers forecast throughout.
Things didn’t get off to a good start with my first over getting thumped for 14 off the first over… I would like to say that there was a drop 2nd or 3rd ball or something but being that most of the season I have gone for 16ish in total I was pretty put out.
More runs came, before eventually I got Sachin out for 32, big edge behind to Colin. 2 balls later and the number 3 was out LBW for 0…it did require a full double appeal from basically the whole team!
Then I don’t remember… I evidently came off because I was shattered and had gone for too many runs, and there is no score card online for me to reference… but you are still getting a match report of a kind so quit whining.
SirBury, got a wicket, and a new nickname…SirBury, Surbury, Surbry… some posh sounding place in Surrey or the Cotswolds no doubt.
More wickets did fall, but by now the Garsington bunch had pushed the score to 200odd and we let them get away with playing interesting shots…We dropped 7 I think! Pretty shocking day in the field. That about sums it up for our fielding performance! So no more needs be said about that.
It rained…we took an early tea and then faffed around for a bit and let slip another 20 odd runs between showers.
Next the fight back!
Anyway, Colin and TPL went out to bat, and looked alright to start with, no real difficulties to talk about. But then TPL played a pull to a good length ball and was out LBW. Colin was stone dead plumb LBW a bit later, and it was Spenny and Winston who set about chasing down the revised total of 216…we think. Two different D/L systems said two different things. Both they looked good anyway, unfazed and dare I say it, likely to get us the win.
Not to be!
Winston was out LBW to a ball he claims came off his underarm, but skip said out straight away. Spenny also got out somehow as I was in the changing room. Chitty was out soon and there was a small standoff for a second and tensions were high. But we got over it (cough) and moved on. What was next was a bit of a procession and a by now famous Wantage collapse. .
Summersbee, Challand, Willbury, and myself all got out cheaply, before Craig ran himself out.
We ended up 36 short!

Rubbish! The Brexit shower gel came out and we washed in disgrace.

I got MOM for 4-42 or something like that.
Champers was I think awarded to Chitty for a nice 6…maybe?
Pigs ear should have also gone to Chitty for punting a flag onto the clubhouse roof! But alas it went to Challand I think, for dropping 2… (by this point it hardly matters and I just want my son to stop screaming and to get this report nightmare over and done with). I’m going to say Challand! Unlucky if not!

Right, that’s it! That’s all you are getting! Never promised it to be good. The rules are a match report must be submitted before the next match, so here it is!
Next week some other sod can write one…I hereby tender my resignation for match reports for the remainder of the year!
Mabbs out.