Dorchester – Away – OCA League

Massive thanks to the new Nick Burton (Aka NiB) for putting together a match report for last weekend's game. On a hot day Colin lost the toss and Dorchester unsurprisingly invited us to field, although Colin went some way to redeeming himself with a good catch diving forward at mid off to give Duncan his first wicket of the day. The temperature rose a few more degrees when Duncan engaged in what could diplomatically be termed 'healthy debate' with their opening batsman regarding batting technique. To his great credit he channelled his aggression…continue reading →

Garsington II – Home – OCA League

Sorry about delay in putting together the match report for the Garsington game, it would be great to get some volunteers to help out with writing the match reports. There is plenty for each captain to already be doing for the teams and club… Garsington, I’d say the “old enemy”, but they aren’t really. They are simply the team who won the league last year, meaning playing them again now is a good signpost on whether we are improving as a club. Last season we lost comfortably to them in the first tie,…continue reading →

Sunday 9th May 2010, E&W Hendred, Away – Lost

The season started with a minor cock-up as, after a week of scraping around trying to get a team, I ended up with 12 players. This turned out to be fine as I wasn’t feeling too bright and was more than happy to drop out of the team and score instead. Barry “Coach” Martin took over the captaincy role and the game started with Wantage batting. The Mercers opened and it wasn’t long before Hendred took their first wicket, dismissing Alan “Raffles” Mercer on 2, caught and bowled. Peachy replaced him. “Three”, everyone…continue reading →

SSJ Willows – Home – OCA League

The first game of the season, and what a lovely day we had for it! Grey, bleak, threatening and an almost certain forecast for rain, ideal. I'm going to keep this season's match reports a lot shorter than those of last year, there is no need to write 1000 words, hopefully this will encourage more people to get involved with writing them. First toss, a good one to win, so I did. Well, he called wrong, that still counts as me winning in my book! Decision made to bowl first, the best way…continue reading →