Team Lucky Mascot.

So, as I've played six games out of eight this season and the only time we've won is when I'm playing, I declare myself the lucky mascot. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that I'm doing all the hard work. I'm just the player to select, I guess. I'm available next Wednesday, Moobs.continue reading →

Heading Back To India

Good news for Sky TV, bad news for the players, we are going back to India to play the planned 2 tests. Security will be no problem, the amount of protection which will be required to get the team close to the country will be more than sufficient to stop any threat. The reason it’s bad idea for us to go back? Because the Indians are a world ahead of us at the moment, if they can confortably beat the Aussies we stand little, to no hope.continue reading →

England Flying Home

The England team are to fly home before the test series in India due to the resent violent attacks. The one day series is basically over anyway, 5 – 0 down in a 7 match series, does this still count as a proper whitewash?continue reading →

Ways To Follow England On Tour

The problem with being on tour in India is that the every day Cricket fan finds it hard to follow. We are 4 games into a 7 ODI series, so far England have lost all 4, including the most recent game today. So, well done lads, as KP keeps saying “we are improving” and from what I’ve seen they are, just not very quickly. Thought it would be cool to run over a couple of ways to keep up with the play whilst at work / away from Sky Sports. My personal choice…continue reading →