Letcombe – Victory

On another stonking afternoon we headed out to Letcombe for a 40 over game with a good attitude about the team as Toups/Bows was back in town and gagging to get at the Letcombe bowling attack! As now expected we lost the toss and had to field in the hottest part of the day (well done Nordic) and the opening bowlers Stewie "alice's brother" Bulpitt and James "Man-Boobs" Mabbett opened the bowling. Without Gorgeous George and P.O.D having kept wicket all day saturday and having suspected Shin Splints it was left to the…continue reading →

Uffington – Defeat

On a ridiculously hot Sunday afternoon we played Uffington at home, we had a full team as everyone wanted to get at Mongo. So much so that Longdog Wooloff was left out the team, and ended up playing for them!! So we were all eager to get at the away team, although slightly less keen when Steve lost the toss and we had to field in the hottest part of the day. However, we started fielding well, with Angel Bulpitt and Jimmy Mabbett opening the bowling and keeping it tight and getting an…continue reading →

The Quokkas – Victory

Our Australian visitors from the big smoke gave us a good game yesterday. We started early at 11am and played a 30 over game as we mutually wanted to finish by 3.30 to watch the England game. We batted first and after a shaky start and some dubious LBW decisions, batted out the 30 overs. David "Muppet" Henson put in a good performance, playing some nice shots between the fielders to get valuable runs. He got 24 before spooning a ball to a fielder. I got 21 with some ugly but effective shots,…continue reading →

Harwell International – Victory

Wantage won by 2 wickets Wantage improved again this week, after last weeks win against Uffington. Superb performances from all kept the hosts down to 129-7 from 43 overs. All the bowlers contributed with the ball, suported by brilliant fielding. Steve gave an object lesson in what parts of the body could be and should be used to stop the ball. Praise must also be given to 'Mungo' for the way he kept wicket. Dave showed us how to stop the ball with a spectacular dive, but missed the ball completely, which has…continue reading →

Uffington – Victory

Sorry about there not being a match report for the Crowmarsh game, but they didn't fill our book in, even though we did theirs. They said that they'd email the figures through to me, but I still haven't received them. I do remember that we lost heavily, by ten wickets! Anyway... enough about that game... Last weekend, Swindon Nalgo didn't have enough players to give us a game so it was cancelled. Fortunately, Mongo called me on Sunday morning to say that Uffington had also been let down, and would we fancy a…continue reading →

E&W Hendred – Victory

At last we've had our first victory of the season. We played East & West Hendred yesterday and were warned at the start that they didn't have a very strong team. However, this should not detract from the fact that we fielded and bowled well. Hendred batted first and lost their first wicket in the second over to Andrew "Biggles" Barrett. Then they dug in for a bit and defended until the eighth over when Biggles struck again. Both of the openers were bowled for 15 runs, none of which had come from…continue reading →

Cold Ash – Defeat

Yesterdays game eventually started at about 3.15pm after both teams waited for the opposition to turn up at their home grounds. Eventually, after a couple of phone calls I managed to persuade Cold Ash to come to our ground and play. With the threat of bad weather on the way, and the late start, we tried to get as much cricket in as possible by playing a 20 over game but having 8 ball overs so as to have less of a delay in play. Cold Ash won the toss and decided to…continue reading →

Minster Lovell – Defeat

Well, that was an exciting start to the cricket season! Wantage & Grove batted first in a 35 over against Minster Lovell yesterday and after a slow but solid start by Alan "Raffles" Mercer and Olly "Lovejoy" Haine, scored 144 runs for 7 wickets. Top scorers: me with 36, Gorgeous with 26, Peachy with 15 and Tweekey with 14. Also worth noting was our newcomer, Andrew Barrett, who scored 11 not out and Muppet who managed to get run out by Gorgeous. The pigs ear moment was voted for at the end of…continue reading →

Harwell International – Defeat

A disgruntled six of our eleven players had spend the previous day sitting in the rain at Edgebaston waiting for some play between England and Sri Lanka. This was no way to warm up for Sunday's game against Harwell International. Too much time spent at the bar waiting for England to bowl, caused dehydration and frustration. These is only one of the many excuses that could be put forward for our poor batting on Sunday. After losing the toss (again), Wantage & Grove were asked to field in a time game against Harwell.…continue reading →