Cold Ash – Defeat

After some difficulties trying to get a team together for the match against Cold Ash, I ended up with some regulars and four new players in the squad. The first dilemma was that none of the regulars are wicket keepers, so the gloves went to Andrewcontinue reading →

Minster Lovell – Defeat

All excited about playing our first game of the season, the team congregated in the Wantage pavilion with dreams of scoring centuries, taking unbelievable diving catches and taking six wickets in one innings. Our opposition turned up and probably had similar dreams to us. What unfolded was a story of hilarity, skill, luck, hope, stupidity, hope again, and ultimately, despair. Firstly, I lost the toss. This was probably a good thing as I wanted to bat but was told by the Minster Lovell captain that wecontinue reading →

Minster Lovell – Defeat

A lovely sunny afternoon in Minster Lovell provided the stage for a challenging last match of the season. Wantage were a man down and facing a full strength Minster Lovell side on a soft riverside wicket. After losing the toss again, Wantage were asked to field first in a 40 over match. Jamescontinue reading →

Presidents XI – Victory

It was a lovely day for a game of cricket. It wasn't too cold and it wasn't too hot. A slight breeze blew across the wicket drying it into a perfect batting surface. Eleven Wantage players gathered at the bar alongside ex-Wantage players and guests of Geoff Bailey and brought their blood-alcohol levels up to the perfect levels at which cricket can be played; Enough to settle the nerves and not too much to have to decide which of the two balls that are coming towards you that you should play. Traditionally the…continue reading →

Uffington – Defeat

Despite the rain on Saturday night, we played yesterday. The pitch at Uffington was quite soft and was not the best batting surface, requiring some sensible bowling to ensure that nobody got hurt. For the second time this season I won the toss and elected to bat first. Graham "Gorgeous" North returned from a long holiday and injury break and opened the batting with Ian "Bows" Rollinson. Some careful defensive batting saw us through the first eight overs without loss with the ball digging in and popping up all over the place. Bows…continue reading →

Crowmarsh – Defeat

Its that time of year again....when the Derek Shorter memorial trophy goes up for grabs....and we get slaughtered! The pitch hadn't improved from last year and as one witty member of the team noted it resembled a rice pudding. So when honorary captain Tweeky won the toss and decided to FIELD we were all bemused but donned our whites and decided his distinguished cricketing brain must know best... As usual Stewie "angel" Bullpitt and James "Moobs" Opened the bowling and started well, with the first five overs going for only 11. However it…continue reading →

Steventon – Victory

Firstly, I'd like to apologise to Duncan and Peachy for dropping two incredibly easy catches off of their bowling, for which I get pig's ear. Fortunately the rest of the team played so well that this didn't really matter too much and enabled them to have a good laugh at their skipper throughout the game and well into the evening. Suffice to say that we beat Steventon yesterday. It was a good spirited game with both sides enjoying the sun, the wonderful batting surface and the good natured banter. I managed to get…continue reading →