31st May 2009, Crowmarsh, Home

It’s always good to play a cricket match in sunny weather. It can be hot and frustrating in the field when you’re chasing the ball to every boundary and looking under hedges and in the long grass in the neighbouring field for balls that have been dispatched for 6 by the opposing team. But it’s better to do this glistening with sweat than to be cold and miserable as we often have been at this time of year. The Derek Shorter Cup match proved to be a very challenging game for Wantage this…continue reading →

Lions Club – Home – Wednesday

We came in to play the second game of the Wednesday season with high hopes, having never had lost a game, and also having completely annihilated Metal Box in the game two weeks prior. As the home team we were set the mighty task of bowling against The Lion’s Club. Bully opened with a respectable over from the field end, letting only 10 runs go, but unfortunately breaking the usual first over wicket success he has previously had! Poor Stew!! However, the elder zimbo of the side, Barry, steamed in for his first…continue reading →

Garsington II – Away – League

Having turned up at Garsington with a very enthusiastic 9, (doesn’t bowed well when one player gets stuck in London and the other loses his car keys so cant get to the ground) we thought what else could go wrong..?! Well, I hear you ask, that ‘WORST’ happened... we decided that only having 9 wasn’t enough of a start for them, a batting collapse was more fun. I myself was most guilty contributing a well played 0. Only Barry “lion king, Simba, oh crap look at the Lion at Chessington Zoo with no…continue reading →

Metal Box – Away – Downs League

I was very excited about this first game of the season, not least because it was my first game as captain. Thankfully it was an away game, made even better by the fact it was at home. As the away team we batted first. POD and Pippy went out to face off the new bowlers. The first few overs went well, with the run rate going to 10 straight away. Both POD and Pippy were seeing it well when Pippy was out to a freak run out where Pod played down the ground…continue reading →

Chipping Norton – Home – Steve Dixon Cup

Feeling guiltily lazy after Steve managed to get 2 match reports written in the time it has taken me to write this one. In my defence, I’m umm lazy! Saturday’s game at home vs Chipping Norton was the first round of the Steve Dixon Cup, those who followed the Saturday side last year will remember them beating us with ease twice before going on to win the league. Starting with 10, who would have thought fielding first was a good idea, well me! I won the toss and put them into bat. A…continue reading →

10th May 2009, East & West Hendred, Away – Win

Okay, I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, but it was an eventful and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon at Hendred. We managed to squeeze in two matches as the first one was over quite quickly. Match 1 We chose to field first and took out first wicket first ball of the match. Angel lobbed down a rare poor full toss that Hendred’s opening bat, Adie Francis spooned back for Circus to catch at mid off. This was the start of a collapse that left Hendred scoring only 85 in their innings which…continue reading →

Sunday 3rd May 2009, Cold Ash, Away – Win

As we turned up at Cold Ash, the weather was looking good for the first friendly match of the season.  It was a little cloudy, but reasonably warm with the sun breaking through every now and then.  The pitch was a little slow, but there was a new artificial wicket that was providing a good consistent bounce and a little turn for the spinners.   I set the president for the season and lost the toss and Wantage were put in to bat.  Chief and Longdog marched out and it wasn’t long before…continue reading →