Charity Fun Day Fines

Stewart Bulpitt – £3.50 Dots faced – 20p Getting out – 50p Wides/No balls – 20p Playing behind square on the off side - 50p Jug avoidance on hattrick – 50p Drop – 50p Skipping like a dick – 50p Aguero falling over – 50p Stealing fines master's car - 10p Grant Summersbee - £3.80 Dots faced – 50p Wides/No balls – 10p Shit shot – 10p Throwing the ball into the floor – 10p Crap fielding with Piccers – 10p Dropping hattrick ball – 50p Being not out in a game lost…continue reading →

Cairns Fudge (H) – Telegraph Cup

This was meant to be the weekend of the great double header vs Cairns Fudge. But as often seems to be the case when we play each other in the league, the weather had other ideas. Ideas of playing this cup game as a league/cup double, or playing two 25over games on Sunday aside, the teams turned up at Wantage, on a Sunday, to play a Telegraph Cup Quarter Final. Luckily, Cairns’ captain has a similar record at the toss to our own Ian, neither had won one all season, I say luckily,…continue reading →

Swinbrook (H) – Telegraph Cup

The match began the usual way with Wantage’s illustrious leader partaking in the ritual of tossing a coin and then asking the opposition’s captain what he would prefer to do. We were put into bat and after a short interlude Wantage was one wicket down. Chappers managed bat on ball and was not given out LBW however he was given out caught. Barry scored a 40 before he was caught out but not before having an altercation with a bowler who said that Barry was a good batsmen when he played straight and…continue reading →

Eynsham (H) – OCA Division 3

In a curious Back to the Future-style time-twisting turn of events, we go back to Day 1 of the season... the weather had been wet, and prospects for cricket were not good. The tractor had already been stuck in the squelchy grass in one corner of the ground, and that corner had to be cordoned off for safety. But, the weather was fine, and thanks to the efforts of the ground staff we were out in the sunshine and keen to play. First blood went to Eynsham as they won the toss and…continue reading →

Witney Swifts (A) – OCA Div 3

Looks like this will be the first match report of the season, based on Barry forgetting the rule that MOTM has to write the match report. Two changes to the team this week, Duncan dropping out for what we assume to be work reasons and Bully dropping out for what we assume to be trouser issues, unconfirmed reports that he had to look at wedding venues. We turned up at Witney Swifts full of excitement, just to see the dark clouds gather and the brand new covers quickly see their first action. Half…continue reading →

Westcott (H) – OCA Div 3

Following the celebrations of the 150th anniversary event, it was back to league business as we hosted Westcott for our first league match in August. Although they were languishing near the bottom of the league table, we knew our opponents had some potentially destructive batting and therefore the game was unlikely to be dull.   With skipper IC finding himself better things to do on a Saturday, Barry was at the helm and made us look very professional as we went through some warm-up drills, and had to be dragged away to conduct…continue reading →

Britwell Salome (A)

First things first, apologies to any of our rivals who came here to read a detailed match report of any of their victories over us in the last 3 weeks. When it comes to Wantage CC reports, losses don't count... At Britwell, a small ground, Ian won the toss and elected to bat. In the absence of Colin, Vendor got a chance up the order, and he and NiB looked assured for the first few overs. Dave flicked a couple of nice shots off his pads, and had a slice of fortune when…continue reading →

Fringford (H) – OCA Div 3

Our first home game in what seems like years, was met with the usual early Saturday rain. Much running around, including the application of covers ensued. When I say covers, obviously I mean three little bits of plastic held down with sand bags and bricks. The important thing is that they did the job, and with the square a little damp in places, we got underway on time. With Ian dropping himself for only averaging 107 with the bat and 5.25 with the ball, it was left to Baz to captain the day.…continue reading →

Chesterton (A) – OCA Div 3

After a week off due to the withdrawal of Freeland from the division, we returned to action having slipped down to 5th in the league, albeit with matches in hand. One of the teams above us were rivals Chesterton, with whom we have had many matches over the last few years, with varying degrees of success. Good news for us was the fact that Chesterton were missing Jimmy Appleton, who was apparently travelling the world. Even better news was the revelation that Steve Lewis was attending a wedding and so would not be…continue reading →