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  1. tunatheday

    What a game – can’t move a muscle today!!

    Well done Wantage – looking forward to playing for you again and contributing more than a dropped catch and a bruised hand.

    Cheers Ade

  2. Chris Yates

    we should have more big wins like this!

  3. ianchalland

    How could you not also give a special mention to Steve’s 6 over long on and into the garden?!

    Not to mention the worst piece of sledging ever…

    • Duncan

      Sorry mate, yeah i did my best to remember eveything, there was so much drama in the game.

  4. Moobs

    and where is the champagne moment + man of the match + pigs ear mention.

    • Duncan

      I can’t remember everything James, its want want want with you. Thats it we are through, u say you love me.. but.. ttfn..!!

  5. bear

    lol… outstanding misfield, was hardly memorable, what about the 4 no-ball-over 😮

  6. tj brougham

    I will soon be moving to the area just wandering if ur looking for any new players as i am an avid cricket fan. i am an opening batsman wicketkeeper or fielder in the saturday league i play in. I am the captain of the sunday team i play for be good to hear from you cheers

    • Duncan

      hello there..

      Which club were you referring too, where u moving too, where u currently playing aswell.. if u need anything, Im Duncan the Wantage saturday captain. u can get me on

      hope this helps. thanks.

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